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Mid Tenn 2010

The Mid Tennessee Modeler’s Club Contest was held on November 6, 2010 in Murfreesboro at the Lane AgriCenter.  Hosted by IPMS Middle Tennessee, Ron Wetmore attended from tour Club.  Though he didn't have a camera, he gladly provided a synopsis of his trip for us.

The drive up to the contest was around 5 1/2 hrs: I-75 to Chattanooga and then I-24 to Murfreesboro.  The AgriCenter was conveniently located right next to I-24.

I was able to attend in the morning spent a couple hours visiting the vendors and looking at the displayed models. Although I did not count the number of vendors, it appeared that they had about the same number as the Robert L Scott’s chapter contest in October.

They had a good selection of models and they were fairly equally divided between the many categories. They had about a dozen ships including submarines, battleships and landing craft. They had more "cars" than our contest along with a half dozen tractor trailer rigs. Train cars were also abundant. Tanks filled a couple tables along with some other military vehicles. Although one of the Tennessee club members mentioned that the majority of the models they build are airplanes, this category did not dominate as far as numbers go.

I was interested in how they handled their raffle tickets and drawings. They used two different colored tickets, but at this time I’m not sure how these were used as I was not in attendance when they had the drawing. I e-mailed a contact there and asked him he would send me some information on this procedure.

They had a nice facility in-which they had sub sandwiches brought in and they were sold just outside the contest hall. They also had coffee, hot chocolate and donuts.

One interesting item that came up as I introduced myself and told him that I was a member of the Robert L Scott club in Warner Robins, his face lit up. It seems that he had the privilege of meeting Robert Scott. As he told me, Robert was in the hospital and the Tennessee member (I don’t remember his name) was able to go into his room and talk with him. He also, at the request of Robert, went out and got him a hamburger. Apparently the hospital food wasn’t up to par. Where have I heard that before?

Ron Wetmore




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