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David Anderson                                IPMS # 37948


Jay Barfoot                                       IPMS # 41918

Hello all.  My primary modeling interest is 1/72 aircraft from WWII to the present.  I'm prior military (24+ years in the USAF) and a native Georgian.  I enjoy researching the modeling subjects as much (if not more) as building them.  I really enjoy building subjects that I can personally relate to: either flown by myself, friends or other native Georgians. My current project is an SBD-3 Dauntless flown by ENS Lewis Hopkins (from Lutherville, GA): one of three SBDs to attack and sink the Japanese carrier Akagi during the Battle of Midway.  This will be followed by Col RL Scott's P-40E and Lt Joel Paris' P-40N: both Ga natives, too.

Louis Beverly                                    IPMS # 30656

 When it comes to modeling, I am an unapologetic rotorhead. I still remember building my first scale model, which was an Aurora 1/48 CH-47 Chinook helicopter, back around 1966. But there are so many other subjects that interest me, like 1/48 WWII British and Commonwealth aircraft, Korea and Vietnam fixed wing props, seaplanes/flying boats, 1/35 APC's, WWII N. African campaign vehicles, Formula 1 race cars, etc.
Over the past 20 years I have tried to keep my modeling interest limited so that my unbuilt collection does not get any further out of control. Nonetheless, I still have more models to build than I can complete in this lifetime! Lately, I seem to build more in my mind than I do with my hands, and that's also part of the hobby. I also enjoy the fellowship of IPMS chapter members and the model enthusiasts I meet at modeling events, hobby shops, and online.

Mike Chambers                                 IPMS # 35409


Bob Clay Jr.                                      IPMS # 31065


John Clay


Hello, I'm John Clay.  I'm 52 years old and I'm a police officer for the City of Warner Robins.   I’ve been modeling since I was about 10 years old: I had an older brother that would make models and give them to me to play with.  The one I remember most was a seaplane I think made by Monogram.  

After my brother joined the Air Force,  I started building models on my own: mostly planes and cars because around Perry, GA, there was not a lot of armor kits available. 

After I graduated college (1980) and landed a job, I started modeling again.  On a trip to see my girlfriend/fiancée,/future wife in Kentucky, I found a model shop specializing in armor and 1/35 scale figures.  That's when I began building armor and have pretty much stayed with that since.  However,  I do build helicopters from time to time. 

Sometime around '85 to '87, I saw an ad in Fine Scale Modeler for a model contest in Warner Robins.  I called the number and talked to Fred Horky.  He told me about RLS chapter and I joined shortly thereafter.

Modeling took a back seat when after my kids were born as I'm the booster club president, recreation coach kind of dad.  Even after my daughter left for college, I still had little time for modeling because I had begun graduate school. With that finished I am now ready to get back into modeling. I am in the process of getting the model building area back in order. Then it is back to plastic.

Donnie Dixon


Keith English                                    IPMS # 10907

I began modeling, as an adult, when I was 18 and aboard the USS Nimitz as a photographer's mate.  Most of my models are 1/72 US Navy (particularly USS Nimitz subjects), 1/32 US Navy with some real space and USAF thrown in.  I now have a model room in both Macon and Wisconson but little time for modeling until I finish my on-line MFA in photography.  I also work fulltime with Good News TV as a producer

Jerry Hall                                           IPMS # 11152

Hi I'm Jerry,

Born in Calhoun, GA, I'm a retired Aircraft Electronics Tech going on 67 years old.  

While stationed in Thule, Greenland in 1954, my dad introduced me to modeling. Winter weather in Greenland is pretty bad; you can't go outside very much, so he assembled models to pass the time.  We had never heard of plastic models then. We built ones made of pre-shaped balsa wood (Strumbaker, I think was the name of the model company). The kits did have small plastic parts for the landing gear, wheels, props and canopy, etc. As I recall, the canopies were vacuformed.

My first plastic kits were Aurora. The kits came in niffty colors, usually metalic red, blue, green, yellow, etc. I'd build them with an M-80 inside and then blow them up! Lots of fun! There is a small lake at Barksdale AFB I'm sure is full of plastic model pieces!

As a teen, I progressed to model cars. After high school, I joined the US Navy, where there wasn't much opportunity to model.  I didn't really start modeling again until 1970 when I went on a TDY to California. I found a Monogram P-47D. I hand painted it with Poly S paints.  Still have it to this day.

Eventually I found my way to Warner Robins where I discovered a local hobby shop owned by Charlie Parkerson. There I met up with some local modelers who were forming a club.  I believe the club founder's name was Guerry Brunner, there was also Bud Colvin, Bill Paul, Wally Gillbaugh and others I don't recall. Sad to say, some are deceased now. We all miss them very much.

As I recall, this was in 1976. I've been a member of the club on and off ever since. I've served as president, vice-president, and sec/tres. I am at present the sec/tres.

I like to build mostly 1/48 scale WWII, however, I do build some 1/48 scale WWI and Korean War jets. I also like the 1930s era racing planes, I happen to think they are really neat.

Carol Hall                                          IPMS # 29868

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Doug Hambrick                                 IPMS # 37837

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Tod Hickman                                     IPMS # 47131

My name is Tod Hickman.   I've always had an interest in military aviation, and built models from childhood to my early 20s when job/family/etc. began to interrupt.  I picked up the hobby again about 5 years ago. 

My modeling interests include mostly 1/48 WWII aircraft, especially unusual or little known subjects. At the end of the day, though I'll build anything that interests me, including surface-to-air missiles and even the odd tank. 

I joined the club in 2009 after moving to Warner Robins to help improve my skills and enjoy connecting with fellow modelers.  I usually keep two kits going at the same time, so my current modeling projects are a 1/72 Smer (ex-Heller) Amiot 143 (about 60% complete) and a 1/48 Special Hobby Blackburn Roc (about 5% complete). 

Next up at bat will probably be a 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Vought Vindicator in pre-war yellow wings scheme, though I reserve the right to change it at any time!

Fred Horky                                       IPMS # 06390  (Honorary Lifetime Member)

Hi, as you may guess by my IPMS number, I'm the greybeard of this outfit, having been modeling (on and off) for 67 years.  Today, I marvel that Mom let me have the razor blade necessary to build those balsa stick and tissue models at that tender age.  That was long before IPMS; even before plastic kits were invented for that matter.  In those days, the first plastic models were considered "sissy" and "real modelers" would carve on a block of wood until what was left looked like an airplane.

My modeling interests cover basically "EVERYTHING".  That's my excuse for wanting to do models of everything resulting in NOTHING being finished.  It also accounts for a huge stash of unbuilt kits.  This "un-building" makes me the World-Status Champion Un-builder of the club.  You have to have been in the club for a LONG time to remember me bringing a completed new model to a meeting.  But, I have finished models!  Also worsening my un-building problem was a time spent with deep involvement in IMPS/USA National affairs over a 10 year period, with a number of offices like President and Director of Local Chapters.  While long past that phase now, my un-building habit had been reinforced.

Like other chapter members, I have an Air Force background, and in fact, the reason I joined IPMS 38 years ago was to have a lifeline to my hobby while overseas as a military advisor in a country where I hadn't found another soul who built models.  Back then, the Squadron Shop literally WAS  my "Hobby Shop in My Mailbox", or at least in the APO Mailbag!  When I retired and came back to the States and Warner Robins, I was happy indeed to find other modelers and became a "plankowner" founder of this club.

The picture I've chosen to accompany this bio has nothing to do with models and is from a period long ago and far away: 1962 in Germany to be specific.  But the choice of picture is mine, and like most gray-haired old farts, I prefer pictures of myself from "then", instead of "now".  So there!!!  Don't laugh too loud:  Father Time will catch up to you, too......

Dick Howze                                       IPMS # 14323

 I am a retired Air Force Pilot and retired Delta Airlines Captain. I started building models when I was a kid. I guess that you could say that my first “models” were made from a Tinker Toy set that I had when I was four or five years old. My Dad was an Air Force pilot and spent a career in the Air Force. One day he came home with a wooden model of a B-29, a plane that he flew. We built it together. From there the rest is history. I build airplanes of all scales and like to detail the 1/48 and 1/32 kits to make them as realistic as possible. I also like to study the airplane and if possible the individual who flew the particular model that I am building. In this way the model becomes a history lesson which, for me, provides even more enjoyment.

Bob Leavitt                                        IPMS # 10059


Paul Melton                                       IPMS # 41386

Hello everyone.  I'm Paul Melton and I'm an avid car modeler.  Pretty much enjoy building musclecars and NASCAR.  I'm also a big fan of 1:1 musclecars and own 3 x Z-28 Cameros.  I currently work at Robins AFB as a C-130 aircraft electrician and it is cutting into my modeling club and modeling time tremendously, hope the pace slows down soon!  I'm starting to work comp time for leave so I can again begin to attend the model club meeting I so miss.

Chris Miller                                        IPMS # 46479

David Parker                                     IPMS # 40314

  Hi everyone! my name is David Parker.  I was born in 1947 in Springlake Heights, NJ where I excelled in finger paints and modeling clay.  We moved to Hialeah, FL when I was just knee-high to a P-51.  I started my illustrious plastic modeling hobby at the age of 12 by building AMT plastic cars and early Monogram aircraft.  My father developed in me an interest in aviation due to his service in the Navy during WWII and thirty plus years working for Eastern Airlines.  After high school, I spent twenty years in the Air Force working as a Ground Support Technician at bases which supported B-52s, C-130s, F-4s and other aircraft, including helicopters.  During my Air Force career, most of the models that I built were left behind whenever I moved from place to place, since it was easier to donate them than to relocate the finished models.  Bill Paul was one of the first people I met when my wife and I moved to Warner Robins 23 years ago.  We were also fortunate to meet fellow modeler Chuck Davenport, who was kind enough to help us move into our first house in Centerville.  I now build 1/48 scale WWII aircraft, with occasional forays into 1/48 scale jets and non-tracked armor.  My current projects include an Israeli Mirage IIICJ and an A-20 Havoc.  Some day I hope to take first place in any IPMS contest, in any category.

Bill Paul                                             IPMS # 12887

Bruce Radebaugh                            IPMS # 14166

I started modeling when I was about 10.  I had a hobby shop in Evanston, IL (Hobby Models) and started building models for their "model museum" that was in the basement of the store, they supplied the kits and paint.  I got involved with a model club in Chicago called "FLAK".  Two of the members were Bill Koster and John Andrews (of Testors, now deceased).  I continued to build through the years and when I joined the Air Force and was stationed at Eglin AFB, FL (1971) I joined IPMS.  I helped start a couple chapters Michigan & Alaska (now defunct).  I came to Warner Robins in 1983 and met Fred Horky.  I was president of the local chapter for several years and have held several IPMS National offices.  I mostly build in 1/32 aircraft these days but also build 1/48th a/c.

Greg, Greg Jr. and George Steinke                           IPMS # 36109

Hello, my name is Greg Steinke.  My sons George, Greg Jr. and I are all modelers.  I build primarily 1/72 scale aircraft (primarily US) but also "work" on cars, trains, ships, armor and figures.  I start lots and finish few.  My interests are in the research and special markings of aircraft and unit heritages.  My son George does primarily 1/72 and 1/48 scale aircraft.  My youngest son, Greg Jr, does just about anything.  It does give us a chance to spend quality time together.  I'm a veteran, retired Air Force.  I was a Missile Combat Crew Commander on a Minuteman III crew, an Aircraft Maintenance Officer on A-10s at Myrtle Beach, SC, and flew on the E-3 Aiborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) for 10 years.  I currently work for Northrop Grumman supporting E-8C Joint STARS flight and mission crew training.

Jonn Sostarich                                 IPMS # 32839

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Allen Tillit                                          IPMS # 39703


David Von Almen                              IPMS # 24061

I have been modeling for more than 50 years now. All of my early models were white because my parents would not let me have paint (they let me have the glue but not the paint - go figure!). My area of interest is automotive (cars) and I like to build mostly stock and hot rods with special interest in Corvettes. My love of cars goes back to a very early age. My mother tells the story that I could name all of the cars on the road when I was only two years old if I could see the car's face.
As far as breaks from modeling go, I took a few during my Navy enlistment and a few during college. However I did build a PCF-Swift boat while in Viet Nam (found it in the exchange in Saigon) and got back to cars while in college (built two hot rods at UGA but my dorm mates complained about the paint smell in the halls).
I joined IPMS/USA in January 1985 after finding the RLS chapter at their local mall display in September 1985. I missed my first meeting (October 1985) because my wife and newborn son needed me at home that evening. When I joined IPMS/RL Scott I stepped out of my comfort zone to building a plane and a ship - quite a stretch for me.  My building slowed down considerably when I took on the job of editor/publisher if the IPMS/USA Journal in 1989. After almost 17 years and 100 issues of the Journal I have finally gotten back to trying to build something. I have only completed four models in the last four years but I now have 6 projects on the work bench, one of which is a ship - USS Rodney M. Davis FFG-60

Ron Wetmore


Hi all. 

As a teenager, I built some balsa wood planes.  As soon as I competed one, I took it outside, put a match to it and tossed it into the air and watched it burn.  I didn’t have room to save them.  After retiring in 2003, I began building wooden model ships.  Most of these are square riggers from the 1700 and 1800's.  As these models are large ranging from 3 to 4 feet long and 3 feet high and as you can imagine, they take up a great deal of space.   As of this writing, I am working on the USS Constitution.  It will be my largest model and most complex one to build.   I expect it will be completed sometime during 2012. 

During the summer of 2010 I found out about the Robert L. Scott Modelers Club and joined the club after one visit.  I felt that it would be nice to pick up pointers from others and as I was just starting to work with plastic models, I knew I needed all the help I could get.  So far I have found out there is a great deal of difference between the construction of a wooden model and a plastic model.

Presently I don’t have any leanings toward any particular category of plastic models; ships, planes, armor, cars, etc.  I am planning on doing a little of each and see where it leads me although I feel I may end up mostly with ships.

In Memorium:
We lost the following two members in 3013.  Both were excellent men and even better friends.  They are greatly missed.

Larry Huff  

IPMS # 36110

Charlie Johnson 

IPMS # 41335


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Jevan Bogosian

Paul Bollinger                                          IPMS # 39057

Scott Buchan                                           IPMS # 14043

Carl Caviness

Wesley Grace

David Kight                                             IPMS# 25280


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