Fred Horky's Models Fred Horky's Models The Renwal & Mace and Teracruzer kit Purchased for $4.95 in the Sembach AB (Germany) Base Exchange in the very early 1960's. At the time I was a Mace launch officer stationed there. $4.95 was a considerable amount atg the time, considering the BX is the equivalent of a military "discount store". Every month that same five bucks in the same exchange bought, at the base "Quartermaster" gas station, my monthly ration of coupons which purchased FIFTY GALLONS of gas for my Karmann-Ghia 85716162 Mace and Teracruzer Display The Mace/Teracruzer kit didn't get built until several years later by which time I was stationed at Robins in depot C-130/C-141 flight test. The model survived several PCSs, but eventually took a header off this specially built display plaque. (My friend was dusting it.) Humpty-Dumpty's pieces were swept up into a box where they remain today, thirty-odd years later. The Mace had never been intended as getting back into model building project, but rather as a one-off attempt for decorating my den with a miniature of something related to a full-scale system that I'd worked hard with for several years. 85715637 Cessna U-3A Blue Canoe The Cessna U-3A Blue Canoe kit is a tiny little thing modified out of an exceedingly rare (extinct?) Aurora 1/72 kit; a very nicely done late 50's/early 60's vintage kit. It was issued as a civilian Cessna 310, had recessed civil N-number; to be filled, and had no landing gear, being issued with the dinky little display stand of the era. But most surface detail was RECESSED. Adding a landing gear scratched from spares box wheels, sprue, and sheet stock gear doors turned out to be surprisingly easy. Masking the white paint to have a white surround on the natl insignia was a challenge, but the hardest part was getting enough weight in its pointy little nose to make it stand on three wheels. To this day, it does that barely. Breath on it and it sits on its tail. The white United States Air Force decals not easy to find came from Bob Leavitt's decal spares, as did the blue tail serials. As I recall I put individual numbers together to have an authentic S/N. This model currently resides in the big 1/72nd Gen Scott chapter collection at the Robins museum. 85709625 Hasegawa 1/72 Scale T-33 The old Hasegawa T-33A kit dates back to when I suddenly started building models again after a twenty-odd year hiatus. I was in the Maintenance Officer course at Chanute AFB, and recall that I paid sixty-five cents for the kit in the exchange. I did a rather crude job, but remember this was forty years ago in 1970. My old 1T-33A-1; Dash One; Flight Manual, saved from flying the T-bird years early at Sembach made a neat base for photographing the model. The T-bird model hasn't survived. 85715635