Paul Melton's Models Paul Melton's Models Dodge Challenger funny car 64498768 C-130E model Hercules This is the 1st aircraft I have ever built. Randy was retiring from the AF, so we wanted to give him something special as a parting gift. 195284354 Dodge Challenger 340 T/A 64498769 C-130E model Hercules You can see the rag wrapped around the bottom base, this is because it had the Brass engraved plate installed and i didn't want anyone to leak it to Randy that it was his. 195284356 Grand National Corvette I built it for a friend 64498771 C-130E model Hercules After building the plane, I drilled a hole in the bottom and mounted it on a swivel base so the plane can be moved into different positions. 195284357 Grand National Corvette I built this for the same friend 64498772 C-130E model Hercules I was really pround of the way it turned out, especially being a 1st time build. 195284358 Grand National Corvette The 2 together 64498773 C-130E model Hercules Randy was pretty amazed that his leadership skills would garner him such an awesome going away momento. 195284359 Dodge Ram Truck 64498774 C-130E model Hercules I'm glad Randy liked it, and he has actually sent pictires of it setting in a custom display case in his mancave in Alabama. 195284360 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Pro Street You have got to love pink, this is an actual paint color for Mopars in the 70's: Panther Pink 64498775 C-130E model Hercules I think it's time to build one for me :-). 195284361 1969 Yenko chevelle Yenko decals by Fred Cady 64498778 1965 Impala SS convertible 64498779 1969 Camaro SS Convertible 64498780 1965 GTO-NO My first attemp at chopping up two kits to build a what if they manufactured this in 1965. that would have been one wicked Pontiac back in the day with its 389 Tri-power powerplant. 195255551 Christine Pro-Mod The interior and chassis. 195255552 Christine Pro-Mod Looks pretty wicked pulling up to the starting line. 195255553 Christine Pro-Mod Very nice side shot, the stance is perfect. 195255554