Making of GTO-NO Making of GTO-NO Making of GTO-NO Removed the front clip from the AMT 1965 Chevrolet El Camino and installed the GTO front clip. Had to use sheet styrene to fill in lower front fenders and installed 1/2 round styrene strip to simulate chrome trim along bottom of body. 195271382 Making of GTO-NO Also installed the hood to insure proper gap alignment from front to rear so the gap would be the same at the rear of the hood. 195271383 Making of GTO-NO Set the body on chassis and installed the aftermarket wheels purchased online at Trimmed the back mounting area of rims until they fit inside the fender wells. with trimming complete, the body/chassis stance is perfect. 195271384 Making of GTO-NO Removed the front clip from the AMT 65 Pontiac GTO using a scribe and Exacto knife. 195271381 Making of GTO-NO Front view of stance and i think it needs a bigger hood scoop,lol. 195271385 Making of GTO-NO Stripped the chrome from the front bumper and installed a front spoiler that I made from sheet styrene. I use easy off oven cleaner to remove chrome because it doesn't damage the plastic. Just wash it off with soapy water and let air dry. 195271386 Making of GTO-NO found a custom rear bumper in my scrap parts box that fit the back end perfectly, so I stripped the chrome from it also. The bumpers will be painted body color. 195271387 Making of GTO-NO Found the perfect hood scoop for this car, look at that monster! It's a scrap hood I had in my spare parts box and it is off of an old 67 GTO kit. This hood even has the hood mounted TACH that was popular in that era. needed filler to repair some damage inflicted by my digging through spare parts all the time. 195271388 Making of GTO-NO The hood sitting on the car, that looks awesome. Had to shave down the rear of the hood to get a proper fit and to bring the front edge inline with the front edge of the fenders. 195271389 Making of GTO-NO Everything is looking good so far. 195271390 Making of GTO-NO The exaust is molded into the chassis so I removed the exhaust from the frame rails to the rear and manufactured tail pipes out of aluminum tubing. I used a tubing cutter and tubing bender to get the proper shape with no kinks in pipe. 195271391 Making of GTO-NO The 389 from the GTO kit had a hole through the bottom of the block for the metal axle. Since there is no longer a metal axle due to the aftermarket wheels, the block was filled with sheet styrene. 195271392 Making of GTO-NO after repaires block was primered with Krylon white primer. 195271393 Making of GTO-NO Painted the chassis with black primer and flat black paint. 195271394 Making of GTO-NO Taped off the interior tube for flocking. Sprayed with artist spray glue and layed in flocking. 195271395 Making of GTO-NO Removed the tape and it is now ready for paint. 195271396 Making of GTO-NO Sprayed the interior tan, to include seats and dash. removed the tape from the gas, brake, and clutch pedals. 195271397 Making of GTO-NO Painted the 389 pontiac blue. 195271398 Making of GTO-NO Detailed the seats with color inserts to match the fingernail polish that will be applied to the car body. 195271379 Making of GTO-NO Spent a few hours detailing the dash and instrument panel. Came out really well, even if it is an AMT kit. 195271380 Making of GTO-NO Sprayed the body with Krylon white primer. 195271399 Making of GTO-NO The hood received the same Krylon treatment, then both were sanded smooth in preparation for the silver basecoat. 195271400 Making of GTO-NO The fingernail color I chose for this build is Firemist Orange; It will look really good layed over a silver base. 195271401 Making of GTO-NO Went ahead and painted under the hood so it can be taped off when the color coats are applied. 195271402 Making of GTO-NO Engine and tranny are now painted and ready to have more engine parts glued on. 195271403 Making of GTO-NO Here I have applied the silver base coat, it went on nice and smooth. 195271404 Making of GTO-NO Front and rear bumpers have also been with the silver base, this includes the hood. 195271405 Making of GTO-NO Here go the color coats, the hood was 1st. 195271406 Making of GTO-NO The bumpers followed. 195271407 Making of GTO-NO The body was sprayed twice due to the transparency of the fingernail polish, along with the hood and bumpers. 195271408 Making of GTO-NO After 2 coats of fingernail polish I sprayed 3 gloss clear coats of paint from house of Colors. I polished out the paint using a micro mesh kit. I started with 6000 grit and worked up to 12000 grit. All that color sanding will give the paint an awesome shine and you will not have any orange peel effect. 195271409 Making of GTO-NO I then wait a week and wax the car with Maquires Gold Class. 195271410 Making of GTO-NO Here it is sitting on the chassis, I love the stance and the car looks like it could have actually come from the factory. 195271411 Making of GTO-NO The hood scoop and tach really set off the front. 195271412 Making of GTO-NO The rear bumper is being attached to the body. 195271414 Making of GTO-NO A test fit of the front fascia to make sure it fits well before detail paint. 195271415 Making of GTO-NO The chassis with the foiled and molded in exhaust system. 195271416 Making of GTO-NO Installed the front fascia after spraying the headlight buckets. 195271417 Making of GTO-NO Installed the tail light lenses after bumper glue was dry. 195271418 Making of GTO-NO The engine is finished and ready to be installed. 195271419 Making of GTO-NO right side veiw showing the detail painting done to motor. 195271420 Making of GTO-NO Finished and ready for the road! lol 195271421 Making of GTO-NO I finally was able to build a what if, and it came out really well. 195271422 Making of GTO-NO The back end is pretty slick, and I love the metal exhaust tubing, it looks like a real exhaust pipe. 195281426 Making of GTO-NO I hope to continue testing my modeling skills and even plan to get into some photoetch pretty soon. 195271423